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Wyld Sisters: the story


   Faith Kingston and Erin Davidson have a shared passion for barrel racing and fashion. Dissatisfaction with the fit and design of the modern snap shirt that they were competing in, led them to create a pattern of their own.

   Length was added to the arms and body, so no matter what an equestrian is doing, she is covered and won't have to continually re-tuck her shirt. Greater movement was added to the top of the arm, so whether a gal ropes, ties, rides, or shoots, she has all the give she needs. No tight, binding feel across her bicep and shoulder. And three snaps across the bust gives added security in a run.

   Wyld Sisters' shirts have a fit and function that is instantly recognizable the moment you put them on.Their shirts are exciting, fun, and classic!

   Every single shirt is one of a kind- there will never be another shirt exactly like the one you fell in love with.  They major on the details, fit and construction and add a heaping scoop of gorgeous on top with colors and print.

Wyld Sisters is an American company.

we proudly employ and manufacture right here in the U.S.a.

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